Chart Pattern Trading Provides Arguably One of the Most Stable Ways to Trade the Markets for Consistent and Ever Compounding Returns…

Get on the Right Side of the Market with Chart Pattern Trading

Having Problems Consistently Winning and Netting Out a Profit?  Chart Pattern Trade Could Cure Your Trading Ills.  Come and See!

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Chart Patterns Courses

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Chart Patterns Trading Systems

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Chart Patterns Trading Strategies

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Chart Patterns Trading Signals – Signal Services


We offer trading systems as home study courses to teach you trading systems, the “secret sauce” entry, stop loss and profit taking exit rules in addition to a position size management method.


Chart Pattern Signals Service

Well timed chart patterns can be a very profitable way to trade the markets when performed in a strategic way.

We have combined a couple of our systems into a chart pattern signal service to help your stock, options and Forex trading.

The first signal services we released focuses on generating cash flow.

Our second signal service focuses on bigger moves, bigger trends, home runs while focusing on building net worth.

We have many of our own types of chart patterns used for trading systematically through systems we have developed over the past couple of decades.



Trading Systems

  • The Only Chart Pattern You’ll Ever Need:  Chart Pattern Wizard Trading System

Trading Signal Service

  • Stock Chart Pattern Trader Signal Service